We are a young engineering consulting and services company focused on advanced automation, electrification, and safety solutions for off-road manufacturers. We bring experience, methodologies, and partnerships to deliver practical guidance to companies moving from traditional products to highly automated, electrified, and connected solutions.

What we do

Balanced Engineering finds advanced safety solutions for ag and other off-road machinery manufacturers, large and small.


Balanced Engineering believes that crafting reference architectures including practical safety cases from the beginning will allow you to maximize customer satisfaction while commercializing faster and with reuse. This will include considerations of the infrastructure needed for product validation and verification (incorporating safety and security from the beginning). 


Product safety for automation and electrification are at the core of our business. Balanced believes in addressing safety starting at the very beginning. Furthermore we want more than anything to enable those on the cutting edge. We are attracted to entrepreneurial risk takers. Companies new to modern AI safety solutions will be challenged, but they also stand to gain the most from our support.


Balanced Engineering specializes in architecting embedded systems security of new products in ag and other off-road machinery. For products beyond the design phase, we can assess the security of your existing products. We have access to industry leading security expertise including SAE J1939 and ISOBUS protocols expertise. 


Balanced Engineering sees communication between machinery in the field growing more important each day. ISOBUS solutions for Ag machinery are going high speed and spreading to construction products. We want to help you stay at the forefront of these developments with access to experts engaged in the creation of the supporting standards.

Our Partners

We bring our customers together with leaders like Fraunhofer, Edge Case Research and Ansys to form useful long-term strategies.


Technology and Strategy

While on-road automation and autonomy are leading to the creation of many fast-growing companies, we enable similar growth in the off-road sector.

Our differentials

High level experience working with leaders of their industries. Senior staff, with solid careers. Call us.


Employs highly experienced engineers and hardware architects who previously lead advanced safety efforts for a top off-road company. The services include: system architecture requirements related to autonomy and safety, product and operation safety cases and advanced Artificial Intelligence, as well as the supporting suppliers.

We are providing the most sophisticated risk-assessing tools, customized verification and validation guidance, safety assurance processes, insight on the latest international safety standards in development, clear understanding of legal requirements, and confidence that customer ethical expectations of autonomy are met.